Recapture your youthful appearance with a medically proven skin programme. These treatments are used to prevent and improve lines and wrinkles, and can improve lip fullness and definition. A qualified doctor carries out all our treatments on a fortnightly basis. A full consultation prior to treatment will analyse your individual needs. Prices given on free consultation.

Muscle relaxant therapy . Botox®
Which areas can be treated?
Wrinkle injections lead to a temporary relaxation of the treated muscle. This giving a reduction in wrinkling of the skin directly above the treated area.
Deep lines between the eyebrows, crow’s-feet, wrinkles around the eyes and horizontal forehead lines can all be treated. The results take up to 7 days to work. Clients with strong muscles may need further botox R to give a complete relaxation of the treated area. Results will last between 3-9 months.

Prices start from £100.00 (this would be for 1 area, i.e. frown lines between the eyebrows).
2 areas – £150.00, 3 areas – £200.00. 

Wrinkle and Line fillers. Restylane® and Perlane®
Which areas can be treated?
These long lasting non-animal, safe gels are injected into your lines, which give an instant result. The treatment works well with the muscle relaxant therapy (Botox®). Research shows that a longer result is achieved due to the lack of movement from the muscle, lessening movement and pressure on the lines filled with the gels. This is because the continuous movement of the muscles is eliminated, slowing the body’s breakdown of the injected product.

It would be necessary to carry out the muscle-relaxing treatment first, followed by Restylane® or Perlane® one month later.

Not only deep forehead and frown lines can be treated, lip lines and nose to mouth lines can also be treated. Lip augmentation (fuller, more defined plump lip) can also be achieved with the use of either product.

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